Introducing Cape Nosappu

Elevating Australian Meat on the Global Stage

Today, I'm excited to present to you Cape Nosappu, our exceptional high-end Australian meat brand, now poised to enter the international market.

Exploring Market Opportunities

Exporting Australian Meat to Singapore and Indonesia

Pinnacle of Quality

Cape Nosappu's Full Blood Wagyu Beef

Cape Nosappu epitomizes the pinnacle of quality in full blood Wagyu beef. Raised on Australia's lush east coast pastures, our cattle benefit from a meticulous 450-day grain feeding regimen, culminating in a product that boasts unparalleled taste and tenderness.

This quality is not just a promise but a sensory experience we're eager to share globally.

Comprehensive Information

Company Details and Pricing

Here you'll find detailed company information and pricing for our full sets of 450-day grain-fed, full-blood Wagyu.

Ensuring Quality

Robust Supply Chain for International Partners

Our team has thoroughly researched and planned to ensure a robust supply chain, guaranteeing the highest standard of product delivery to our international partners.

Global Confidence

Exceeding Consumer Expectations

We are confident that Cape Nosappu Wagyu will not only meet but exceed the expectations of discerning consumers in Singapore, Indonesia, and beyond.

Collaboration Possibilities

Bringing the Finest Australian Wagyu to New Markets

We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you to bring the finest Australian Wagyu to new markets.

Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity. We are at your disposal for any further information or discussions.

Symbolic Journey

Cape Nosappu's Connection from Japan to Australia

Our brand's essence is deeply rooted in a respectful nod to Wagyu's origins and a commitment to excellence.

Cape Nosappu, named after the easternmost point of Japan, symbolizes a journey of quality and dedication - from the rising sun of Japan to Australia's bountiful shores.

This narrative is elegantly captured in our logo, where cattle are silhouetted against the backdrop of the rising sun, reflecting the harmony between Japanese tradition and Australian nature.

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